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Hours & Attendance

School Hours
School day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:
7:35 am to 3:05 pm
Early Dismissal Monday:
7:35 am to 1:05 pm
Office Hours 
6:30 am to 4:00 pm 
Please call the attendance line (928) 627-6581 if your child will be absent.
Students may enter the building and proceed to the cafeteria when the first bus arrives - approximately 7:00 am. Students who do not ride a bus should not arrive at school prior to 7:00 am as we do not provide supervision. Students may not enter the classrooms until 7:30 am. All unsupervised students must leave the building by 3:05 pm. (unless they are in tutoring or sports)
Late Arrivals
Students who arrive late for any reason before 7:30 must sign in and obtain an admission slip from the school in the cafeteria before going to class. After 7:30 students must obtain an admission slip in the front office.
Early Dismissal
For excused absences during the day, such as for doctor or dental appointments, students are expected to bring a written note stating the times they are to be excused. A parent must pick up and sign out children in the school office. Also, if a child is returning to school from an appointment, he or she must sign in at the school office and obtain an admission slip.