Southwest Junior High School

Promotion Ceremony May 21st ---  Early Dismissal (1:05pm) for 8th graders on the promotion day.

Our Mission

Southwest Junior High School will meet the needs of all students through a partnership between the school, the parents, and the community. This educational commitment includes the opportunity for every student to be successful; develop a positive self-image, make decisions, and grow academically, socially, psychologically, and physically. Furthermore, this commitment will assist each student in developing the necessary abilities for successful careers and participation in promoting a free and democratic society.

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News & Announcements

Promotion 2019

Congratulations 8th grade students and parents!
Our 8th grade students just completed another milestone in their young lives, which is the middle school promotion.
Congratulations Class of 2019!

Gun confiscated at SWJH

Gun Confiscated at Southwest Junior High student in custody
San Luis, AZ – A student is in police custody after a gun was confiscated at Southwest Junior High on Thursday, May 16, 2019.
Gadsden District Superintendent Dr. Raymond V. Aguilera and School Administration placed Southwest Junior High School on soft lockdown while the School Leadership Team searched for other possible weapons. Every student was checked and all students are safe.
An unknown source reported at the school that the suspected student had a weapon at school, prompting the School Administration to call the San Luis Police Department. School Administrators confiscated the weapon prior to the arrival of police.

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