Southwest Junior High School

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.

Our Mission

Southwest Junior High School will meet the needs of all students through a partnership between the school, the parents, and the community. This educational commitment includes the opportunity for every student to be successful; develop a positive self-image, make decisions, and grow academically, socially, psychologically, and physically. Furthermore, this commitment will assist each student in developing the necessary abilities for successful careers and participation in promoting a free and democratic society.

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News & Announcements

Phone line down

Due to technical issues, our main phone is not working. If you need to call our school please dial (928)627 6581 which is an alternate line to our school's office.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

ACT Test Date

Estimados Padres de Familia,
Este sábado 8 de febrero del 2020, se llevará a cabo la prueba del ACT, en nuestra escuela Southwest Junior High. Por favor lea las siguientes instrucciones:
Los estudiantes deben de llegar a las 7:00 de la mañana, para localizar su nombre y salón de clase. La prueba inicia a las 8:00 de la mañana. Es muy importante que ellos lleguen a tiempo.
Los estudiantes de séptimo y octavo grado deben traer su Boleto de Admision (Admission Ticket) y su carta de (Identificación ACT ID Letter). Los estudiantes de quinto y sexto año no tendrán que traer estos documentos, ya que se los daremos el día de la prueba.
La prueba tomara por lo menos de 3 a 4 horas. Los estudiantes terminaran de 11:30 am a mediodía.
Los estudiantes no deben de traer teléfonos celulares. Los estudiantes pueden traer calculadoras si lo desean, pero no es un requisito; ya que ellos pueden tomar la prueba de matemáticas sin calculadora. Adicionalmente, deben traer dos lápices número 2.
Asegúrate de que los estudiantes desayunen bien y que no se desvelen.
Tendremos un pequeño descanso de 10 minutos, los estudiantes pueden traer un aperitivo y un refresco para su consumo en el descanso.

100 days of school

What a great Celebration for the 100th day of school, there is still way to go but we definitely know we are in the right path. Congratulations to all students with straight A's, A's and B's and perfect attendance. Keep the hard work Mustangs!


8th graders had the opportunity of attending the CTE Expo 2020. We are going to start giving a big thank you to the Yuma Union High School District for partnering with SWJH and making our students part of the Career & Technical Education Expo of the programs offered at SLHS. Our students enjoyed experiencing each of the different careers which got them started on planning on their future. These are great opportunities for our students, which we know are talented and will continue shining once in High School.

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Upcoming Events

President's day break Feb 14- Feb 17
Date: 2/17/2020, 11 AM 12 PM
President's day break Feb 14- Feb 17
Date: 2/14/2020, 11 AM 12 PM
ACT Test
Date: 2/8/2020
Parent Teacher Conferences
Date: 1/10/2020
Parent Teacher Conferences
Date: 1/9/2020