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Parental Involvement Plan

Parental Involvement Mission Statement
Southwest Junior High School is committed to providing a variety of opportunities for parents to involve themselves in their child’s education
Parental Involvement Goals
  • Create a positive working relationship between educators and parents in all ethnic groups
  • Create diverse communication between school and home
  • Involvement in a variety of disciplines is evident throughout the school
 Southwest Junior High School recognizes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family the entire time the child attends our school. To support the School’s goal to educate all students effectively, Southwest Junior High School and parents must work as knowledgeable partners. Parents are an integral component of a school’s ability to provide for the educational success of their children. The school endeavors to meet the diverse cultural and language needs of parents and children. Southwest Junior High School acknowledges that engaging parents is essential to improve student achievement and that our school should foster and support active parental involvement.
In response to this commitment to active parental involvement and in compliance with the legal requirements of Act 603 of 2003 and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Southwest Junior High School will implement the following parental involvement plan.
Southwest Junior High School’s Parent Involvement Plan includes programs and practices that enhance parental involvement and reflects the specific needs of students and their families.
The Parental Involvement Plan involves parents of all students in a variety of roles. The plan recognizes that communication between home and school should be regular, two-way, and meaningful. To encourage this communication, Southwest Junior High has made available this site. The parent involvement site describes the parental involvement program and its components. It will explain the role of the parent, student, teacher, and school and ways for the parents to become involved in the school and their child’s education. The site will describe the activities planned throughout the school year to encourage parent involvement and a system to allow parents to communicate with teachers and principals in a regular, two-way, and meaningful manner.
To encourage communication with parents, Southwest Junior High School schedules two parent-teacher conferences per quarter.
To promote and support responsible parenting, Southwest Junior High will make available materials dealing with responsible parenting through the school library. These materials will be available to all parents to borrow for review.
At the end of each school year parents that attend all parent-teacher conferences will be acknowledged in the local newspaper.
To welcome parents to Southwest Junior High School, there is no policy or procedure that would discourage a parent from visiting a school, specifically including:
  1. Policies requiring parents to pick-up their child outside the school building each day
  2. Policies prohibiting the parents from visiting a child’s classroom during school events.
As part of the Southwest Junior High Parent Involvement Plan, statements will be printed attesting to the school’s commitment to parental involvement and distribute the statements to parents of students.
To encourage parents to participate as full partners in the decisions that affect their child and family, Southwest Junior High will frequently publish the school’s process for resolving parental concerns, including how to define the problem, whom to approach first, and how to develop solutions.
Southwest Junior High recognizes that community resources strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning. To take advantage of community resources, parents will be contacted to form a parental advisory commission. The parental commission will provide advice and guidance for school improvement.
Southwest Junior High will support the development, implementation, and regular evaluation of the program to involve parents in the decisions and practices of the school, using to the degree possible, the following components:
  1. The principal will designate one certified staff member that is willing to serve as a parent facilitator to organize meaningful training for staff and parents promoting and encouraging a welcoming atmosphere to parental involvement in the school. The parent facilitator will also undertake efforts to ensure that parental participation is recognized as an asset to the school.
  2. The certified staff serving as a parental facilitator will receive supplement pay for the assigned duties as required by law.
At the end of each school year, parents who attend all parent-teacher conferences will be acknowledged in the local newspaper.
It is the goal of Southwest Junior High to assure an ongoing partnership between families, communities, and school. We believe such a partnership is fundamental to the academic and social success of students. From this partnership a support will evolve that will have a positive effect on student achievement and will produce a sense of cooperative responsibility in ensuring excellence in the educational process.