Southwest Ag Summit @AWC

On Wednesday, February 23rd, a group of students from our school had the opportunity to be part of the Southwest AG Summit @ AWC Yuma campus.
Students were welcomed and guided by an AWC Ambassador, who guided them through their campus tour. Students were able to visit the different buildings/areas of AWC and then went to the Green House and Field demos, where they were introduced to the Ag Program.
Students finished the tour by visiting the trade zone where Ag related vendors were seeking commerce opportunities with farmers from the region.
Last, students were as well informed about the different degrees offered by AWC, NAU, and UA at the Yuma campus.
Great experience for everyone, and we look forward to exposing more Mustangs to field trips of this kind. Thanks to Heidi Jones for her support and Luis Vizcarra, our AWC ambassador.
Go Mustangs!